Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

Get all user privacy informations of on this page. Know about your rights and protect yourself from scams. You will briefly informed here about the informations we take from users when someone visits our website. This is your right to know that what informations from user we gather and for what purpose we take these informations and how we use it. You must have to confirm before visiting any website that they are not storing any of your private and sensitive informations. So on this page you will get know that what informations we take from users.

What informations we gather from users?

We store visitors ip address and locations based on the geographical information, It helps to provide the content on the location basis and optimize the website on the location basis. We take these informations because of security purpose and user interface improvements only. Other than that we also take user’s email id only when the user subscribes to our website.

Why we store these information ?

To provide better services and improve our website’s performance on the basis of these small informations we get from from users from all over the world. We also use these information to make our website more easy, stable and user friendly. You know that we do not store any personal and sensitive information from users like their credit and debit card number and their passwords etc.